Transportation and Reload Services

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With fifteen years’ experience in developing its export infrastructure for Mitsui Home Co. Ltd. in Japan, Mitsui Home Canada Inc. (MHCI) has perfected its supply chain management system. MHCI’s expertise supports its customers’ strengths in existing markets and their efforts to aggressively develop emerging markets.

MHCI’s advantages:

  • Japanese Quality Management Systems – efficient handling of material with the emphasis on quality and care.
  • Strong relationships with all partners from customers to freight forwarders, suppliers, ocean carriers, and trucking companies.
  • Simple and effective lines of communication and procedures to ensure ease of shipments.
  • “One-stop Shop” for remanufacturing and container loading; eliminating excess transportation costs.

In 2009 MHCI expanded the paved area on its 12.5 acre site to support an inventory capacity of approximately 20 million board feet of lumber and/or panel products. Situated beside Highway #1 and the Golden Ears Bridge, MHCI is ideally located for receiving products from various BC Interior and Alberta mills, and shipping to all major container and break-bulk ports.

  • MHCI handles approximately 200 million board feet of lumber annually through a combination of trucks, vans, containers, and a 250 ft CN rail spur (YH40).
  • In 2009 MHCI will ship an estimated 4,000-40’ containers while operating on one shift, with the expectation of expanding to 6,000 containers in 2010 by operating additional shifting. This expanding capacity represents MHCI’s focus to allow its customers to strengthen and develop emerging export markets.
  • In 2010 MHCI will introduce one of the top-rated inventory management systems, with full bar-coding of all products received, processed and shipped. This system will provide all suppliers and customers with “real time” information on all stages of their products’ movement through MHCI’s facility.
  • In Transportation, as in all of its services, MHCI employs its Japanese Quality Management System to ensure quality and accuracy from point of entry through to shipments out.