Lumber Services

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Mitsui Home Canada Inc. (MHCI) lumber processing capability is second to none in quality and reliability.

MHCI custom-processes over 60 million board feet of lumber annually through its highly efficient Newnes trimming and sorting system. Through its Japanese Quality Management System, MHCI has proven to be one of the few custom-processors that can consistently satisfy the requirements of discerning customers. This extensive attention to quality has made MHCI the premier supplier of custom processing, particularly for export markets.

MHCI is the only known provider capable of trimming and stacking 4’ and 6’ lumber products at line speeds with conventional stacking and packaging. This ensures package quality on these items conforms to the tight packaging and wrapping expected on 8’ and longer packages. Also, on cut-in-two programs, MHCI is capable of removing the old stamp at full line speeds in a manner fully acceptable to the highest quality expectant customers.

MHCI is certified for lumber grading (CLS, ALS, NLGA and JAS) through Canadian Mill Services Association, yet many of MHCI processes are graded to a customer-specific grading rule.

  • 8 Point Moisture Detection System
  • NLGA and JAS Certified Graders
  • Automatic Grade Stamping and old stamp removal
  • 3 Sorting Lines
  • Automatic Packaging with end pressing (including 4’ and 6’ lengths)
  • Mitsui or Customer supplied paperwrap
  • High Precision Trimming (-0 +1mm tolerances)
  • Bar Coding
  • Trucking
  • Vessel Container Loading
  • 1 piece PET
  • 2 piece PET
  • Cut-n-2
  • Cut-n-2 (with 1 piece PET)
  • Cut-n-2 (up to 4’ block)
  • Cut-n-3
  • 12” to 48” Trimming

Transportation and Reload Services

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Over twenty-five years' experience in developing its export infrastructure for Mitsui Home Co. Ltd. in Japan, Mitsui Home Canada Inc. (MHCI) has perfected its supply chain management system. MHCI’s expertise supports its customers’ strengths in existing markets and their efforts to aggressively develop emerging markets.

MHCI’s advantages:

  • Japanese Quality Management Systems – efficient handling of material with the emphasis on quality and care.
  • Strong relationships with all partners from customers to freight forwarders, suppliers, ocean carriers, and trucking companies.
  • Simple and effective lines of communication and procedures to ensure ease of shipments.
  • “One-stop Shop” for remanufacturing and container loading; eliminating excess transportation costs.
  • MHCI handles approximately millions board feet of lumber annually through a combination of trucks, vans, containers, and a 250 ft CN rail spur (YH40).