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Bringing Mitsui Home’s Quality to the World

Mitsui Home North America’s commitment to a Japanese “Total Quality Management System” is unparalleled in the construction industry. Mitsui Home North America became the construction leader through their commitment to a well-developed and skillfully implemented advanced construction system.

Mitsui Home North America is one, — if not the only — manufacturing company on the West Coast of North America capable of prefabricating walls, stairs, elevator shafts, and floors, and then constructing the building to a tight schedule and to the highest quality.

Mitsui Home North America adopts and utilizes best practices in all facets of its construction system — design, manufacturing, safety/quality management, and building construction. Our strength is our people and we live by our code – It is the “Mitsui Home Way”.

Mitsui Home Canada

Mitsui Home Canada Inc. (MHCI) was founded in 1992, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui Home Co. Ltd.—the largest builder of 2x4 “platform-frame” single-family homes in Japan.

In 1994 MHCI built a manufacturing plant on a 12.5 acre property in Langley, B.C. for the purpose of purchasing, processing, inventorying, quality-controlling and shipping over 100 million board feet of lumber and 8 million square feet of OSB panels annually to its parent company in Japan.

Over the ensuing years, MHCI developed “custom services” in its lumber processing and export shipping businesses such that an additional 100 million board feet of lumber may be resorted, regraded, trimmed, repackaged and/or shipped annually by MHCI on a custom service basis.

In 2005 MHCI added panelized manufacturing and construction capability to its domestic business and has supplied over 9000 units of residential construction in single family, condominium and townhouse project throughout British Columbia in Canada and Seattle and Northern California in the US.

History of Mitsui Home North America


Mitsui Home Canada Inc. Established ("Canada")

Canada: Started overseas business for the purpose of procuring structural materials for Mitsui Home buildings


Langley Facility established (Langley, BC, Canada)

Canada: Sorting and processing business control


Canada: Started transportation and warehousing business


Canada: Started production and sales of building components centered on local multi-family residential housing


Canada: In addition to the production and sales of building components, we started offering complete on-site management of materials and framing


Expanded our Langley production by purchasing neighbouring 8 acres with additional operating facilities


MHA Construction Inc. established("America")

America: Started material sales business in the United States


Trade name change from MHA Construction Inc. to MHAC Inc.

Established MHA Building SYstems LLC as a subsidiary of MHAC Inc.

Registered "Mitsui Home North America" as a trademark (for the purpose of integrated sales in North America

Established Lodi facility(Lodi, CA, USA)


America: Started production and sales of prefabricated building components from our facility in Lodi for Northern California multi-family residential housing market


Established MHA RDR LLC as a subsidiary of MHA Building Systems LLC

America: In addition to selling prefabricated components, we started offering complete on-site management of materials and framing

Canada: Restructured operations to better focus on expanding our building components and turnkey business


Trade Name change from MHA Building Systems LLC to Mitsui Home America LLC

Group of Mitsui Home North America

Group of Mitsui Fudosan

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.


Mitsui Fudosan America, Inc.


Mitsui Home Co., Ltd